Accessing the AEE Member Portal

Follow the "Member Portal" navigation* at the top of any PowerSuite page or web page or simply visit to get to the Portal.

*Note: Only AEE members and state and regional partners can access the Portal. Learn more about becoming an AEE member.

You can access a range of member related services and resources in the AEE Member Portal: 

  1. Working Groups

  2. Market Interests

  3. AEE Publications

  4. AEE Directory

  5. Account Profile

Working Groups


Browse AEE’s working groups. Click "Register" to sign up. Once you have registered, you will start receiving call agendas, notes and other communications from our team related to this working group.

Add to your calendar

You will receive a confirmation email with subject line containing the phrase "Add the call to your calendar":

  1. Follow the instructions in the email to add the call to your calendar.

  2. You must follow this step to add the call to your calendar — it will not appear on your calendar automatically.

Joining a call

You can join the call a using your unique link that from the saved calendar item or automatic reminder emails that are sent 1 day and 1 hour before the call.

To remove yourself from a call list at any time, click "Unregister" below the call while on the Standing Calls page.


If you no longer want to participate in a working group, visit and select the "Unregister" button for the related call. If you change you mind in the future you can always re-register.

Inviting Team Members To The Member Portal

You can invite other staff to participate in working groups. There is no limit to the number of people from your organization that can join our standard working groups. Invite others by following this link.

Market Interests

Indicating your state interests helps us to serve you better. This will enable us to deliver relevant information to you as new opportunities develop. Your state interests will ensure you receive notifications for relevant state activities that arise. Please note, state interests will not sign you up for any related standing calls.

AEE Publications

Here you can customize your subscriptions to AEE publications. Note that If you do unsubscribe from a publication, you can also resubscribe at any time if you like.  

AEE Staff Directory

View a list of contact information for AEE staff. Learn more about our staff.

Account Profile

View and update details (if necessary) about your personal contact information, membership level and PowerSuite access.

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