The best way to get started on PowerSuite is to find policy issues that are relevant to your work by:

  1. Viewing the latest "trending" regulatory proceedings (dockets) or legislation (bills)

  2. Trying a search yourself

Finding key policy issues on PowerSuite

Here are few example searches to get you started. 

  1. Search for "energy storage" in FERC and PUC dockets with our AEE insights

  2. View dockets that mention "net metering" OR "net energy metering" and are currently trending

  3. View bills with a recent action that mention "energy efficiency"

Want to learn more search best practices? See our more detailed article.

Automatic policy tracking with "Favorites"

Policy insights, automated tracking and more are centered around "favorites". Just look for the star and click it to add any bill or docket to your personal tracking list:

Learn more about favorites

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