We have range of powerful search features available in PowerSuite. The options below can help you surface the most relevant results and eliminate what you don't care about.


We provide a number of options to help you control the depth of searches as well has advanced filtering options. These can all be accessed through "Search Scope":

All Content

Includes keyword matches on docket number, title, description, industries, filing parties, proceeding types, AND the full text and metadata of filings and attached documents.  Quotes around a phrase will simulate an Exact Phrase search discussed in more detail below when you want an exact sequence of terms.

Advanced Query options:

The 'All Content' and 'Titles, Descriptions, Parties' options support an advanced query syntax for more complex searches. This is commonly used to refine a search with boolean logic.  

For example, entering the search terms 'energy storage +solar -wind' is translated into a search where:

  • energy and storage are optional but their presence increases relevance
  • solar must be present
  • wind must NOT be present

When using advanced search, prefixing words with + and - is our recommend syntax where  (+) means the term must be present and (-) means must not be present.

The familiar operators AND, OR and NOT (also written &&, || and !) are also supported. However, the effects of these operators can be more complicated than is obvious at first glance. NOT takes precedence over AND, which takes precedence over OR. While the + and - only affect the term to the right of the operator, AND and OR can affect the terms to the left and right.

Rewriting the above query using AND, OR and NOT demonstrates the complexity:

  • energy OR storage AND solar AND NOT wind
  • This is incorrect, because storage is now a required term.
  • (energy OR storage) AND solar AND NOT wind
  • This is incorrect because at least one of energy or storage is now required
  • ((energy AND storage) OR (storage AND solar) OR solar) AND NOT wind
  • This format now replicates the logic from the original query correctly, but the relevance scoring bares little resemblance to the original.

Titles, Descriptions, Parties 

This keyword scope searches all the above (titles, descriptions, major parties, and filing parties) on the docket, filing, and document levels but does NOT search within the full text of documents.  To search only in Major Parties, use the Major Party scope.

Docket Number

While a docket number can be found through "All Content" search scope, you can limit your search specifically to docket numbers including partial matches such as 12345 for ‘RS-12345’ and ‘12345-V2’

Major Parties

Only search against docket major parties. This query will return results with partial matches; i.e. Searching with the term ‘General’ will return results with ‘General Electric’ or ‘General Motors’.

Exact Phrase using "quotes"

If you use use quotes ("") around a phrase PowerSuite will do an exact phrase match on the keywords you have entered. You can also combine exact phrase search with other options for example:

"energy storage" AND "vehicle to grid" +solar

would find results both the exact phrases "energy storage" and the exact phrase "vehicle to grid" with the requirement that 'solar' also be present.


We support the same advanced search options for bills.

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