Any set of search results of Bills, Dockets or Filings in PowerSuite can be exported. This is a great option if you want to complete your own detailed analysis or generate a quick report on a regular basis to share with colleagues. 

If you would like help with a more complex data export, contact us.

Use Cases:

You can generate a report from any search result in PowerSuite from anywhere on our platform. For example you can generate a report of:

  • "My Favorites" or "Organization Favorites"

  • Trending bills or dockets

  • AEE Insights

  • Any search result with custom keywords or filter options

  • Any combination you can dream up :)

Try it now by visiting "My Favorites" to generate a report of everything you are currently tracking.

Exported fields

All of the bill/docket details will be included in the export plus your private team comments, summaries, positions and more.

How to generate a report data

  1. Look for the "Generate Report" button in the upper right of any table of results. 

  2. Select "Generate Report"

  3. Choose your preferred format options (csv or docx)

  4. PowerSuite will send you an email with a special download link in a few moments

Note: You can export up to 650 spreadsheet format (CSV) search results or 50 in word doc format (docx). 

Pick formatting options:

Spreadsheet format (CSV) included fields:

  • PowerSuite ID

  • State

  • State Id

  • Docket Title

  • Description

  • Industries

  • Major Parties

  • Status

  • Date Opened

  • Date Closed

  • Date Contents Updated

  • Date Source Visited

  • Source Url

  • PowerSuite Url

  • Company

  • Summary

  • Priority

  • Comments

  • Favorited By (from your team)

  • AEE Insights Summary and Updates

  • AEE Watch Lists

  • Trending Score

  • Assignees

  • Types

Example csv:

PowerSuite csv export

Example Microsoft DOCX format that you can edit or save as a pdf:

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